Work Share Program

This year we will be offering work share positions to those who would like to volunteer on the farm in exchange for a SHAREThis program is especially near to our hearts as community is one of our highest values and their is truly no better way to get connected than to invest quality time aVolunteer harvesting int he fieldnd effort into a worthwhile endeavor together. We will benefit greatly from the help, as a farm is always in need of more hands and our volunteers will benefit from amazing organic produce, as well as first hand learning experiences in the field. 


Work Share Program                                                                             

We are asking our workers to commit to:                                                  

 1.  3 hours each week for the main 12 week season

 2. To do work that will at times be very physical,in ALL kinds of weather

The work required each week will vary. The jobs assigned will be based on the particular needs of the farm that week. To give you an idea of the kind of work that happens on the farm, the following are Possible Jobs A Workshare Volunteer Might Be asked To Do:

Harvesting in the rain

   Harvest Produce
   Pack Shares
   Sow Seeds  


Contribute a specialty skill you may have (Ex. if you are experienced in construction, we are in the middle of many projects that need to be completed)


 If you are interested in applying for a work share please fill out the following questions:

Are you in good physical health able to lift objects and move around well?


The worker share requires 3 hours a week of labor for a share over 12 weeks beginning in mid-late June. Are you able to make this commitment? (when you can't make it we do make-up's or skip the share for that week)


Thanks so much for your interest! We will be in touch with you soon with more details!
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