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Posted 1/26/2016 4:30pm by Philip Anderson.

We're excited to announce some BIG CHANGES for the upcoming season! 

First of all, we will only be offering one type of share this year- a 12 WEEK PEAK OF SUMMER SHARE! 

We have decided to take this year to focus on developing infrastructure for long-term growth and to initiate projects we have wanted to start for a long time such as: chickens, bees, fruit, value added products, more prepared foods, and much more! We will be scaling back how much we grow in order to facilitate all this and therefore will not be offering a fall or winter share. We will also be taking a break for just this year from certain crops so we can accomplish these goals. We will not offer the following items this year: winter squash, melons, and sweet corn. Nearly all of our other 100 varieties will still be grown. 

Secondly, we are very excited to announce the construction of our long awaited field house which we plan to use to grow exceptionally early and high quality tomatoes, cukes, zucchini, eggplant, and peppers as well as greens all winter starting in 2017! 

Thirdly, we will be offering new pickup sites off the farm this year which we hope will be more convenient. We plan to resume on-farm pick ups in 2017. You can pick up shares at the Edgebrook Market Wednesday mornings, Rockford City Market Friday afternoon, and Choices Natural Market on Tuesdays.

What will be in the 12 week share?

Beginning in June--kale,arugula,hakurei turnips,bok choy,kohlrabi,radicchio,escarole,radishes,salad mixes,green onions,red and green cabbage,herbs,broccoli raab,cukes,zucchini and summer squash, and much more!

July-August--potatoes,onions,tomatoes,eggplant,peppers,green beans,carrots,beets,celery,and more!

Overall we believe our condensed CSA share size this year will enable us to deliver more quality and diversity than ever before. After the 12 week share ends we will have a weekly "store" at the farm for those who want to continue to buy through the winter.


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